About us


Madeira Sightseeing is a service provided by "Empresa de Automovéis do Caniço Ltd.", a company with a wide know-how in the transportation of passengers by bus, it has been dedicated to Regular Public Transport of Passengers since 1934, serving the population of Caniço parish through local and commuting links to Caniço and Funchal.

To the knowledge and experience of service in collective transport, EACL has joined this new aspect of service of transport of seightseeing in vehicles that was conceived itself and are prototypes at national and international level, being known within the same concept but in rail the experience of the Such as the "Glacier Express" and the "Bernina Express" which traverse the Alps.

The buses have a glass cover that collects mechanically converting it into a convertible.

This type of glass cover and the ability to close it or open it depending on the weather conditions provide an immersive experience of almost 360 degrees of vision with the comfort of a covered, heated or cooled vehicle depending on the circumstance, in order to provide the maximum comfort, or of a discovered car that provides an additional and olfactory experience for the passenger who wants, for example to make the green circuit.

The drivers are professionals with decades of experience, the vehicles are new and the service has all the insurance and permits necessary for the exercise of the activity.
It is intended for all who want to know the main points of tourist attraction of the island, in an unforgettable and unusual experience of a totally panoramic vehicle that adapts to all the states of the climate, even the less favorable ones.